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Working with girls and women with high potential, Kristi travels to cafes all over the country to work with them. As a young girl, she recalls the ice cream trucks and bookmobiles, and fondly recalls family road trips to visit her grandparents. She’s been working for nonprofits and in the private sector for over a decade and has traveled to countries like Peru and Tanzania. Her passion for travel and helping people inspires her to help change the world for women.


In “Noreen’s Cafe Travels,” a teenage girl who lives in a small town in North Dakota decides to go to the big city to visit her best friend, Lynda, who owns a cafe. As a gift to Noreen, Lynda allows her to sit in the truck for a cup of coffee, which she promptly consumes. Upon discovering a slimy chicken leg tucked into the couch cushions, Noreen decides to take the bus.

Originally from San Diego, Noreen is a freelance writer and photographer. She previously worked as a nurse consultant and lived in Italy. She has also traveled to 17 other European countries and is a prolific writer, having written 235 travel articles in under three years. Her writing has appeared in a variety of magazines and has been featured in several travel and food related websites. Noreen’s cafe travel has been featured in numerous publications, including Travel Pulse, Edible San Diego, and International Living.

Noreen’s cafe travel starts when her mother announces that she is closing her cafe. She tries to contact her mother, but she doesn’t know how. She calls her sister, Dolores, but finds out that Mary hasn’t been showing up as often as usual. She also discovers that her mother is pregnant and wants to open a cafe to help her out. Noreen calls Wesley to apologize, but he leaves without giving a reason.

Bob’s appearance is also one of the characters that Noreen doesn’t like. He tells her she looks like a hooker, which she is, after all, because her mother was on welfare at the age of 17. However, she decides to meet Brad despite her fears. Noreen meets Brad anyway, and the two are soon friends. In the meantime, she finds herself in a difficult situation.