Carrier Storage Units

This pneumatic tube system carrier storage unit will accommodate up to 16 6-inch and 39 4-inch carriers. It is flush mounted into a finished wall and requires no extra floor space. It also features soft walls. If you need to store several carriers at once, this is the unit for you. Its unique design allows for easy access to carrier parts while requiring no extra floor space.


There are various advantages to tritium carrier storage. One of these is that it can be stored at very close to atmospheric pressure. Another advantage is that it can be stored in an all-metal container. Tritium is also compatible with hydrogen, which makes its storage simpler. However, storage should be done in a tank made of hydrogen-compatible materials.

Tritium storage facilities need to be designed to minimize leakage and failure. Leakage can affect personnel safety, release tritium into the environment, and violate operating permits. The design of a tritium facility should follow the boiler and pressure vessel codes of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The process also requires a secondary container. This can be a glovebox, a building, or even a room. The secondary container needs to be designed to contain leaks and allow periodic inspections. During the tritium recovery phase, the tritium will be recovered from the secondary container and pumped back into the primary tank. 셀프스토리지,This process can take days.

Wafer carrier storage

A single wafer carrier is a convenient way to store a wafer. It is made of polypropylene and comes in 1″ to 6″ diameter sizes. It is also stackable. It features a process control card holder on the top surface. Its design prevents contamination and friction during storage and shipping. It is ideal for transferring wafers between processes.


Wafer carrier trays are designed to hold glass or semiconductor wafers and are generally made of polypropylene. They have a conical base to support the wafers at the edges, and are held in place with a locking cap and spider spring. Some types are clamshell-style, which are ideal for storing large wafers. These trays are available in clear or conductive black polycarbonate.

The buffer system includes multiple storage locations, each of which can hold up to twelve wafer carriers. The buffer also includes a calibration fixture 34. The buffer system has two load ports and can receive carriers from the input load port and tool access platform.

Weltrevee Carrier

The Weltrevee Carrier storage basket is a multi-functional, durable outdoor accessory that offers storage space and extra seating. It’s made from weather-resistant materials and incorporates a convenient carry handle. The lidded container has a handy compartment for small items, and there’s also an open compartment for additional storage.

The Carrier is easy to transport because it has an integrated handle, making it convenient for transporting firewood or other items. Its seat is functional, and there’s storage underneath, so it fits perfectly into a small space. It was designed by Dutch designer Thor ter Kulve, who drew inspiration from his experiences living on a boat. The Weltrevee Carrier storage basket is the perfect addition to a small, tight space.

Cargo tray storage


If you have a hard-to-reach area, a cargo tray with a sliding mechanism can make a big difference. These trays are equipped with ball-bearing slides that glide smoothly. They come fully assembled and can safely hold up to 800 pounds. 셀프스토리지, You can also choose a tray that fits in the trunk of your car.

The MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray is perfect for camper vans and other hard-to-reach areas. A cargo tray allows you to slide heavy items out of the compartment.